John is a fine art photographer whose career has spanned over 20 years. He currently lives and works in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. In the mid-80's he visited "The Decisive Moment", a photography exhibit at Jacksonville's Cummer Museum of Art. "This was a pivotal time in my life", John knew then and there his life path would be as a photographer. He attended Montana State University and graduated with a BA in Photography.

His art has been featured in Williams-Sonoma Home, both stores and catalogue. His work has appeared on the cover of House Beautiful and on ABC's nationally televised show Extreme Make-Over, to name only a few. He is currently being represented by Corbis and Image Conscious.

John has lived in San Francisco and New York working for Getty Images and Corbis Images, As a result, he was influenced and inspired by the multitude of images he saw every day "New York City was a great place to live as a photographer -- imagery was everywhere. It was almost visual overload," he says. Today John prefers a simpler and slower pace back home at the beach.

"To me, photographs do much more than tell stories or record memories. They are often stories in and of themselves. In many instances, photographs are the end result of a journey or adventure, a moment in time, captured on film or, in today's digital world, a sensor. They capture dreams and hopes and, more often than not, the realities of the world we live in. The sad thing about some of my images is the fact that they only exist today in print or on film -- the landscapes are no longer there or they have been altered and changed forever in the name of progress."
John's photographic interests incorporate a variety of camera formats: from 35mm to 4x5 film cameras; from vintage Polaroid cameras to the latest in digital camera techniques. His key to shooting is his sense of simplicity. "I want the object or scene to speak for itself and stand on its own without a lot of clutter", he says. He also likes the quarks, flaws or limitations that are characteristic of older cameras. He says that, "Once you tap into a cameras potential there really are no limitations --- only the ones we place upon them, or perhaps, the ones we place upon ourselves."

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